4 April 2015

Available from today ..... 

"Been a wee while since we had cause to hang out the bunting in child-like expectation of new tastiness from the Cathedral Transmissions imprint, so long in fact we were minded to send them a card. However we can rest and sleep at night having called off the proposed search party because there's shortly to be an ultra-limited (in an issue of 40) outing for Ben Rath entitled 'you're making this sound'. Little is known about Mr Rath, or at least there is but the label aren't cracking on, that said a short mission statement (I guess we'll call it) describes the release and artist alike as 'humble tries, cheap mics, amateur sound design, uncertain communiques' - surely lights are well and truly hidden under proverbial bushels for from what we can garner from the sampler track on show. 'one time for all time' is sweetly garnished in glitch graced shimmer tones, crackling and distorting it blurrily focuses itself trying to make sense of its hazy twilight surroundings through sleepy headed eyes all the time gently cajoled and divinely bathed in dissipating pulsar orbs of heavenly murmurs, till at once through a clearing the rustle and rhyme of delicate rustics sweetly arrests the air in a momentary cloud parting sequence before trailing into silence. Only 40 available so you better get a wiggle on."


also - I've found a handful of Blood Orchid 3 inch cdr's and a couple of andagainandagain cdr's I didn't know I had. I've added them to the shop.