Jazzdefector. Slow The World Down. CT40. CDR album.

A beautiful album of melodic ambience from Jazzdefector. Slow The World Down Parts 1 - 10.


 XU. Floater. CT 39. CDR album. SOLD OUT.

 4 tracks of melodic strangeness from XU.

to sink (toward the bottom of the eyeball) / blurred feelings / a submerged female atlas I / a submerged female atlas II


Nigel Samways. Temple Of The Swine. CT 38. CDR album. SOLD OUT.

Three long, melodic ambient tracks from Nigel Samways

Leaving The Temple On Foot / Floodlands (By Candlelight) / The Morning Tide 


Birtawil - Una / Meta. CT37(a). CDR album. SOLD OUT.

Minimalist one piece project from Bordeaux, France. Landscapes, drones, and ethereal guitars. No synths or VSTs. Only guitars and effect pedals. CDR album. Ivory recylcled card sleeve with glossy photo front. Stamped in orange or dark green with orange heavy card insert. The music comes on a silver / black CDR.

Una/ Meta 



David Newlyn - etherial /  æther. CT37 2015. 10 inch vinyl mini album. SOLD OUT.

Several months ago I picked up a Sony Cassette Corder (a small hand held tape recorder) in a charity shop. When I got it home I discovered it still had a cassette in it, and when I played it, it contained recordings of what sounded like an elderly woman talking to herself and continually winding the cassette. Sounded quite spooky so I turned it into a recording.

etherial / æther


 Ben Rath - You're Making This Sound. CT36 2015. CDR album. 40 copies. SOLD OUT.

...humble tries, amateur sound design, home electronics, cheap mics and old acoustics, inherited keyboards, uncertain communiques, spaces between notes, deep rumbles, loose approximations.....

You're Making This Sound / Gridless / One Time For All Time / Repeats / Inwards and Upwards / Put In Music / No sound Without Silence / Second Self / Deer



Andagainandagain - Live In Sofia. CT32 2015. CDR album. 40 copies. SOLD OUT.

Andagainandagain are an ambiental / electroacoustic duo conducting research between Text and cold landscapes.




Apollo 7 - Apollo 7. CT 31 2014. CDR album. SOLD OUT.

This is an album of melodic ambience from Apollo 7 who are Brett Holman and KJ Rothweiler. The album was mastered by Taylor Deupree (12K).

1 / 2 / 3 / 4/ 5 /6 / 7 



Trouble The Dark - Trouble The Dark ep. CT 29 2014 cdr ep. SOLD OUT.

Trouble The Dark are an improvising, experimental noise collective based in Leeds, England. This edition is limited to 40 copies and comes on a lightscribed cdr. The disc comes in a recycled, stamped card sleeve with a glossy photograph cover with a tracing paper insert.

Narrowing The Sun / The Green Shore / Trouble The Dark / The Moon Has Lost Her Memory / Dead Mountain / The Dead Sea Swell 




Northumbria and Famine - Blood Orchid. CT28 2014. (3" cdr - ep).

Toronto/Northumberland based ambient metal duo Northumbria was formed in 2011 by former Holoscene members Jim Field and Dorian Williamson. Their music has been described as haunting, noisy, restless and beautiful. They record using only guitar and bass.On this recording with Famine they have produced a single contemplative dronescape. This release is a 3 inch unbranded cdr in full photographic sleeve (with artwork by Stephen Wilson (www.unknownrelic.com ) with card insert. Limited to 50 copies.

Blood Orchid.




David Newlyn - Random Pieces II - 4 Track Cassette Recordings. CT27 2014. (3" cdr - ep).  SOLD OUT.

The latest release on Cathedral Transmissions is one of my own. The second in a series of random tracks, this time recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder. The digital ep is available to download now for free. A 3 inch cdr will be available on 26 July 2014. The cdr version is a 3 inch white top cdr in a plastic case with card sleeve and card logo inner. It comes with an original 6x4 glossy photograph on which the sleeve was based.

Random Piece No.3 (Ambient) / Random Piece No.4 / Random Piece No.5 /  Electronic Piece No. 2



Eniac - ECDN Session. CT26 40 copies (cdr - ep). SOLD OUT.

ECDN session is a soundscape project based on a series of electroacoustic recordings made during Eniac's art residency at I-Park Foundation between November and December 2011, Connecticut (US). 

During the sessions Eniac played various instruments and environmental objects found in the neighborhood of the Foundation: The recording process includes echo, chorus, delay effects and the environmental noise. The tracks had been edited at Blue Angle Studio in Torino (2012 - 2013).

The music comes on a lightscribed cdr housed in a recyled fold-over card sleeve with a glossy photographic print on the front. The back is stamped with the CT logo and there is a red card information insert.  

eighmile river / devil's hopyard field / chapman falls / 434 / muddy brook / unknown pond / tree's hands / schist boulder red millington trail


 D. Burke Mahoney - Sonora. CT 30 45 copies (cdr). SOLD OUT.

D. Burke Mahoney is a sound artist currently living in Toronto, Ontario. Sonora is an album of longform ambient drones full of subtle evolving sonic textures. Lightscribed cdr in a recycled card envelope with a glossy photo sleeve including red card and tracing paper inserts.

Before _ After / Cox Bay / Tidal Currents / Cathedral Grove


Forest Management - The Contemplative Life. CT25 50 Copies (cdr). SOLD OUT.

Starting with a sound recording of water (a shower perhaps??) the cdr continues with a set of lovely ambient tracks. 50 copies. Lightscribed cdr on a recycled card envelope with a glossy photo sleeve and cream card insert. Thanks to Ryan Samples for the use of his artwork.

Strip / A Running Stop / Impractical Exits Towards The Lonely Places / The Silent Mirror / Stage 1: Center / Stage 2: Release : Receive / Stage 3: Rest / Glass Doors / Not Merely A Destination.   




Bengalfuel - Forshee. CT35 42 Copies (cdr). SOLD OUT.

An album of beautiful ambient soundscapes from Bengalfuel. The music is on a lightscribed cdr. It comes housed in a digipak sleeve with 3 different photographic covers. There is also an abstract photographic insert. 42 copies. 

Lovelorn / Careful Now / Misty / The Offering / Early Dragon / Poison Thoughts / K / Pia


North Sea - Kingdom Fall. CT34 40 CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.

North Sea is Graeme Robbie. Graeme has made a beautiful melodic ambient album comprising field recordings, drones, and lovely piano melodies. The music comes on a lightscribed cdr in a black digipak sleeve with a glossy photograph front sleeve. There is also a further glossy photograph insert.

Shadows Pt. 1 / The Light That Failed / Shadows Pt. 2 / Gold Forever / Forms / Time For Us / Hero Release / Kingdom Fall. 


 Brice Salek - Avant-garde Meditations. CT33 40 Copies (cdr) 10 Copies (Cassette Tape). (Available from 27 July 2013). SOLD OUT.

Brice has created an album based on the idea of contemporary meditation and spirituality named Avant-garde Meditations. This new album is a work of beautiful sound art in the genres of art / ambient / new age. The music comes on a lightscribed cdr and is housed in a foldover card sleeve with a glossy photograph on the front. The inner tracklist is printed on recycled handmade cotton paper. It all comes in a plastic / black tracing paper package. 

The cassette tape version is a one sided smokey coloured C90 cassette which uses the same glossy photograph for a sleeve and comes in a plastic case. The cassette has an outer black card slipover sleeve which is in turn mounted with a white card tracklist.

Meditation Dream / This Ambient Space / Zen Meditation / Voice Of The World / Rem / Avant-garde Atmosphere / A Mindful Meditation / Sleeping Buddha. 




David Newlyn - Random Pieces. CT24 32 3 Inch CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.

Ambient / Radio / Field / Piano recordings. 

3 inch plain silver cdr ep in plastic case.  The front insert is a glossy individual photograph mounted on black card. The rear insert is white card with text mounted on black card. The inner insert is a clay coloured page from a recycled book of photographs. 

Each front photograph is different. They were all taken at Ryhope Hospital near Sunderland, UK . It was, at the time, abandoned. It is now demolished. Some photographs are clear while others are abstract. Mostly black and white, with a few slightly coloured ones. 

The recycled book of photographs from which the inner inserts were taken was found at the hospital. 

Random Piece No.1 / Interlude No. 1 / Electronic Piece / Interlude No. 2 / Random Piece No. 2 / Interlude No. 3 / Piano Piece. 




Day Before Us - Autumnal Wandering. CT 23 45 CDR copies. SOLD OUT.

Digipak photograph sleeve with 7 different photographs by Aëla Labbé.  Melancholic, sinister and epic semi-acoustic neoclassical sound textures, electronic drone in-flux, blurry organic chords and deeply emotional poetical lyricism. 

In Runen Aus Dämmer I / In Runen Aus Dämmer II / Flügelschlag / In Deine Ferne Gegenwart / Souvenance Lasse / Letzte Klage / The Heart Made Lonely



Tropic Of Coldness - Commuting. CT22. 37 CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.

Digipak Photograph Sleeve.  Lighscribe cdr mini album with card insert.

Guitars, synths, samples and field recordings processed by two expats lost in Brussels, somewhere in Belgium. A beautiful experimental ambient release.

Among The Franklin's Books / Half​-​Empty Closets / O Plano De Austeridade / The Burdens Of Commuting / Downward Spiral, Pro​-​Cyclicity.



 PJE - Permanent Memory. CT21. 50 Copies. Digipak Duplicated CD album. SOLD OUT.

Permanent Memory is an ambient / experimental album from PJE. Created from old intro's and instrumental parts taken from demo's of previous bands. PJE took them and then added guitar, keyboards and various field recordings. 

Calligraphy / Delph / Hilbre Island / Kio / Helium Figure / Unit 4 / Close Clone / Promenade / One Summer.




Thomas Traspedini / Claudia Rambaudi - Minirealistic Worlds. CT20. 50 copies. Digipak Duplicated CD mini album.  SOLD OUT.

A 5 track mini album of solo piano music. Composed by Thomas Traspedini and beautifully played by Claudia Rambaudi.

Nel Silenzio / Il Viale Dei Giorni Perduti / Minirealistic (Mondi Minirealistici) / Moonlight Town / Unless.





Yellow6 - Old. CT19. 55 Copies. CDR Album in handmade sleeve.  SOLD OUT.


The next release will be Old by Yellow6.  This disc is comprised, as the title suggests, of old recordings.  There are 8 pieces recorded during the period 1995-7. Old was originally released as part of the Old (Box Set - see below) and there were only 6 copies.

Now released in it's own right in an edition of 55 cdr copies. It comes in a black handmade gatefold sleeve with a glossy photograph on the front and a cream card inner. It all comes in a heavy plastic sleeve.

Frieze / Helium / 4 Reel (V2 Remix) / Playtime / Good Friday / Drift (V2) / Drift / Away To Here



James Landis - January Dusk. CT18. 50 Copies. Digipak Duplicated CD Album. SOLD OUT.

Guitar based digitally manipulated instrumental tracks from James Landis. From ambient drones to acoustic sketches with a few beats along the way.

Riverbed / SlowThought / Evening Light / Iona / Unhappy Past / Eight Miles From Home / Blue-Enlaced / Old And Twisted Willows.





Yuco - Employee. CT17. 50 Copies.  Digipak Duplicated CD Album. SOLD OUT.

Yuco are a Japanese duo formed in 2008. On this recording their tracks slowly morph from classical acoustic guitar melodies through to post rock instrumentals. They list their recording intruments as : Programming, piano, clarinet, guitar, bass and drums. This is a duplicated cd release in a digipak sleeve.

One Nine Three / Op.20 / Dreamend / Carnival As Pschic Fatigue / Smoke Rising From Your House / I Will Try Where I Chase Fading Music In The Corner / Prisoners' Dilemma.





Solipsism - Let's Watch The Sunrise. CT16. 49 Copies Digipak CDR (ep). SOLD OUT.

Solipsism is Craig Murphy, an experimental musician and recording artist from Glasgow. He works in various styles of music including ambient, IDM and experimental. This release is an ambient one made entirely with heavily-effected, then processed electric guitar. It comes as a lightscribed cdr in digipak sleeve with a foldover insert. The picture sleeve is an original glossy photograph by myheadisaballoon.

Let's Watch The Sunrise / No Destination In Mind / Wilderness Of The Sackcloth Hearts / Horizon / MirrorriM



Richard A. Ingram - Hymns Vol. 1. CT 15. 55 Copies. Digipak Duplicated CD Album. SOLD OUT.

The release features a collection of tracks made from recordings taken from a variety of sources. TV programmes, old cassette tapes and home recordings amongst others. These recordings were then processed by analogue and digital means.

Happy Is That People / Crazy Lover / The Pneumatic Christ / Lord, How I Thank You That You Died / There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood.



Sima - Softness. CT014. 60 Copies. Digipak Duplicated CD Album. SOLD OUT.

Sima is a composer who studied musicology, harmony and counterpoint in his university days and is a self taught tape musician. He initially approached his compositions from a musique concrete and avant garde standpoint, slowly evolving to encompass his own style.

Sima cites minimalist composer Arvo Part as a direct influence, and names Johann Sebastian Bach, the romanticism of Beethoven and the diversity of Sergei Profokiev and Karlheinz Stockhausen as inspiration for his compositions. His main themes are silence, notes, layers, textures and so on.

Softness is a beautiful modern classical album of Sima's piano / electronics / field compositions.

lento non tanto / variations on the softness / whatever you want / tribute to no one / mirror / saparation / minuet from a diary.




Wil Bolton - Chimes For A Wall Drawing. CT013. 50 Copies. Digipak Duplicated CD Album. SOLD OUT.

'Chimes for a Wall Drawing' is a live recording of a performance at Tate Liverpool in August 2009, inspired by the gallery's display of Sol LeWitt's 'Wall Drawing #1136'.

In the spirit of Sol LeWitt's use of seriality and arbitrary systems, this electro-acoustic composition used the artwork as an inspiration and graphic score, mapping its seven spectrum colours onto the corresponding notes on coloured chime bars.

Chimes, handbell and electric guitar were processed live into elongated tones and drones, layered with electronics and field recordings made within the gallery and surrounding area.

This release is a printed duplicated CD (not cdr) in a full colour sealed digipak sleeve designed by Antonymes.




The New Watercolour Society - A New Season. CT012. 16 CDR Copies.  SOLD OUT.

Atomspheric ambient electronic album from The New Watercolour Society. Produced using guitar, bass, keyboards, cassette tapes and computer software. Lightscribed cdr in a mini LP style gatefold sleeve. Photographic front and inners. It comes in a heavy plastic cover with a clear film printed insert. 

Chalk / Flooding The Fields / Feel The Distance / Different Ways / Never So Hollow / Neither Discussed Nor Planned / Gently Faded, But Faded Nontheless / Quiet Steps Will Be The Longest And The Last.



Precursor Of Man - He Emanted Light. CT011. 39 CDR Copies.  SOLD OUT.

Hypnotic improvised recordings by Simon Gee (sonic activities, bass, drums and electronics) with a special appearance by Junil Kim (electric violin and voice). Lightscribed cdr in miniature gatefold photograph sleeve.

In State (Part 1) / In State (Part 2) / In State (Part 3) / In State (Part 4) .




The Falling Sun - Away From Home ep. CT010. 39 CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.

Mellow, melodic electronica from The Falling Sun. Lightscribed cdr in miniature gatefold photograph sleeve.

Away From Home / Sunday Purple Sky / Imagine / Point Across / Remember / The Sun On Her.




Yamaoka - Deadlock. CT009. 40 CDR copies.  SOLD OUT.

Piano, effects and electronics from Japanese duo Yamaoka. Lightscribed cdr in digipak photo sleeve and card insert. 
Cloudy / Aki / Ramda / Test / Rainbow / Tsuki / Clime / Echoes / Pocket

Yellow6 - Old (Box). CT008. 6 CDR Copies.  SOLD OUT.

Some previously unreleased and some previously released ambient, dreamy post rock from Yellow6. Each box has a unique photograph on the front and contains two double lightscribe cdr's, one 3 inch silver cdr, five b&w and  five colour photographs in a tracing paper insert and two business cards.

OLD. Frieze / Helium / 4 Reel (V2 Remix) / Playtime / Good Friday / Drift (V2) / Drift / Away To Here. Previously unreleased. Daniel Lovegrove - tape transfer and mastering.

LOOPS, NOTES AND SKETCHES [SOLO GUITAR]. Quarters / Untitled 1 / Tuesday Bow / Seven Seven 1 / Runaway Baritone / Sunday Bow / Puls… / Arhythmia / Seven Seven 2 / Untitled 3 / Afterlow

LIVE. Close /  Cut / If You See Something, Say Something / Katerinahissen /  090209.

If You See Something, Say Something / Butterfly Girl (Beth's Song) / Cut / 00:30 / … /Norwest Passage

SINGLE / COMPILATION TRACKS. If you see something, say something (Version 1) / If you see something, say something (Version 2) / Untitled 2.


Plantman - Closer To The Snow (CT007). 35 CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.
An unusual release for Cathedral Transmissions as it is an album of 'real' songs. I couldn't resist the demo though, so here it is - lovely.
In The Night / Flame / Closer To The Snow / Silver Stream / Sad Eyed / Passing Ships / Paper Boats / Magic Wood #1 / The Tide / Idle Brave / Your Faraway Blues / Leave A Window / Ancient Grey / Blues My Religion / Amelanchier / Magic Wood #2 / Mountains.


Model Citizen - Computer Ballads (CT006) 35 CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.

A beautiful set of ambient drones with a piano interlude from Model Citizen.  Model Citizen is the minimalist solo project of Adam Williams, based in Gwespyr North Wales.  Lightscribed cdr in digipak photo sleeve with card insert. Cover photo by Hannah Richards.

Learning To Walk Again / Carbon Footprint / An Eternity / Hope / Interlude / Utopia.



Ten - Journeys (CT005) 40 CDR copies. SOLD OUT.

Ten are a project led by Dominic Deane who makes ambient instrumental electronica. Dominic is supplimented on this recording by violin, viola and cello, creating beautiful, lush sounds. This album was originally released on Owls label.

Suspended In The Sky / A Continuous Decline / Unfamiliar Perspective / Negative Landscape /  Distance / Fade To Light / Fractured Lines / Morning Air / A Sense Of Strangeness




Larkian - Un Disque Pour Ne Pas Danser (CT004)  33 CDR Copies. SOLD OUT.

The fourth release is from Larkian. Tracks based on the saturation of various effects using a guitar mixed with drones, field recordings and some beats. Larkian is a project that was started at the end of the 90's by Cyril Monnard, a Lausanne (CH) resident.

Lightscribed cdr in digipak sleeve with card insert.

The Collapse / She Hears Noises / The Astonishing Octave Switch / La Plus Sauvage


Various Artists - Blurred Tapes. Sampler No.1 (CT003) 40 CDR Copies.  SOLD OUT.

The third release from Cathedral Transmissions is a 50 minute compilation cdr of tracks from current and upcoming releases. A collection of tracks in varying styles including the lovely piano of Antonymes, the electronica of Ten and The Falling Sun, the drones and clicks of Erik De Cordier and the soundscapes of  Larkian.

Lightscribed cdr in digipak sleeve with card insert.

Model Citizen - Hope / Antonymes - Heart Filled With Emptyness / Ten - Negative Landscape / The Falling Sun - Imagine / Plantman - Magic Wood #1 / Blistering Earth - Saturnine (Extract) / Larkian - La Plus Sauvage / Thorsten Scheerer - Flus (Instrumentalversion) / Erik De Cordier - Ze Bute / David Newlyn - Transposition (Extract).



Thorsten Scheerer  - Piano Pieces (CT002)  40 CDR copies. SOLD OUT.

The second release from Cathedral Transmissions is a set of piano pieces recorded by Thorsten Scheerer between 1990 and 2007.  Thorsten Scheerer lives and works in Mannheim and Frankfurt, Germany. He studied history of art with a main focus on digital art at the Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg, and the Humboldt-University, Berlin. He started playing classical guitar at the age of 12 and received lessons in electric guitar and composition (Michael Koschorreck: Xavier Naidoo/Soehne Mannheims) since he was 16. After playing with different bands of all styles - from jazz to pop music -, Thorsten Scheerer nowadays mainly composes and produces contemporary electroacoustic as well as popular music. Thorsten Scheerer is account manager for business process excellence IT solutions in the banking sector. He is member of the fgnm (Frankfurt Society for New Music) and DEGEM (German Society for Electroacoustic Music).

Lightscribed cdr in digipak sleeve with 2 page booklet.

Bagatellenlied (parts 1 to 8) / Florenz 2.2 / Barcelona 1.3 / Florenz 3.0 / Fluss / Fluss Instrumentalversion / Bagatellenlied Instrumentalversion



Antonymes - beauty becomes the enemy of the future (CT001) 100 CDR copies. SOLD OUT.

The first release on Cathedral Transmissions is a stunning mini album by antonymes .

7 enigmatic and lonesome sounding tracks based on  piano, strings and electronics it really is a beautiful piece of work. Lightscribed cdr in a digipak sleeve with a six page booklet. Recorded at the Lightbox, Harwarden. Mixed by Paul Humphreys, mastered by Wil Bolton with text by Paul Morley.

My Salvation / They Have Not Seen The Stars / Pour Tojours Sans Espoir / Grotesquely Beautiful / The Measured Cadence / A Heart Filled With Emptiness / La Fin De Tout